Rødhåd regala un disco de ambient

Rødhåd se ha animado a lanzar por primera vez un proyecto largo de experimentación ambient, Mood. Se trata de material de archivo creado entre 2017 y 2018, mientras «trabajaba en un plano de espontaneidad, libre de estructuras fijas». Hay variedad de drones, loops, grabaciones de campo y, también, algún que otro track protagonizado por beats.

Con Mood, que el productor ha decidido regalar, arranca el sello WSNWG-Back To Zero, con el que lanzará trabajos en solitario.La portada corre a cargo de Silent Servant.

Descárgalo aquí antes de que el 10 de julio salga en formato vinilo.


01. A Huge Plume Of Ash Rose From A Volcano
02. Flying Between The Clusters Of Trees Without Buoyoant, Floating Wing Beats
03. He Was Beginning To Despair Of Ever Knowing
04. Like Sleepwalkers Ghosting Through A Dreamscape
05. Lions In The Supermarket Don‘t Sound Like Humans
06. Misty Fog Covering The Side Window
07. That Appeal Has Been Put Into Suspense By Reason
08. He Or She Will Then Drill Into The Pulp To Reach The Root Canal
09. Into Your Brain – A News Report Said The Line Carried 13,000 Volts of Electricity
10. No Forms To Fill Out, No Instant Check, No Waiting Period
11. The Film is About A Clown Who Leaves His Circus And Lives In A Building Near The Railway Station
12. She Wanted Her To Grow Up In A Nice House With A Backyard, So She Could Play
13. The Drawings Were Rearranged, As If By Magic
14. He Didn‘t Seem The Kind Of Guy Who Would Just Get Talking To A Stranger
15. Pigeons Dancing On The Roof
16. When They Returned Home After Midnight
17. I Wanted To Hold Her Close And Whisper In Her Ear That She‘d Be Fine
18. Good Bye My Love